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A huge thank you to you and all your children for supporting our charity event for Blue Cross!

Dear Parents,

A huge thank you to you and all your children for supporting our charity event for Blue Cross! This has been our first charity initiative, and after its great success, we hope this will be something we as pupils can be involved in again! We chose to support Blue Cross because it is a lovely charity that helps animals that have had difficult home lives or have been abandoned and wouldn't have a chance without the charity coming to their rescue. Blue Cross is a charity that cares for and re-homes animals across the UK and it has been helping animals that are abandoned, unwanted, ill or injured since 1897. Blue Cross have been helping over 40,000 pets every year and we decided to try to raise some money for this amazing charity by asking our fellow Sherborne House pupils to do some chores around the house during half-term, in return for sponsorship. Everyone has donated enough to ensure that a cat is kept warm and safe in a Blue Cross centre. However, the even better news is that putting all our money together, we have raised enough to pay for a horse’s basic care and for many homeless and unwanted dogs to have clinical care during their lovely stay with Blue Cross.

We thought you might be interested in what chores were done, and which ones our friends chose to do! We were very surprised to find out that the most popular chore choice was tidying up their bedroom followed by washing up and then loading and emptying the dishwasher; clearing the table was the least favourite and came bottom of the list! We were very impressed by the amount of hard work and thought that the children have put into this charity fundraising event. We are especially proud that the children of Sherborne House think of other people and animals as well as themselves, and that they are prepared to do lots of jobs to help. We are sure that all these chores have not just helped Blue Cross, but also you as parents! We are all very pleased with the end result.

Once again, a big thank you to all the children and you for helping Blue Cross and we are sure that your children will feel proud that they have supported such a wonderful charity. We would also like to thank School Council for their support of our project, and Mr Bennet for helping us with all the admin jobs that we needed to do for our initiative. BTW – for all those pupils who helped Blue Cross by raising money, there will be an animal-themed movie showing on 11th July!

We have discussed this with other school pupils in Year 6 and they have agreed that it is a good idea. We are hoping that you agree with us as well.

Written by Archie and Kabir on behalf of all the Year 6 Blue Cross fundraising group