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We have seen various successes this week in school with positive results in many of the activities undertaken. When faced with new challenges, the children have confidently faced and overcome them.

Following their success last week in winning their heat of the Science Quiz Club hosted by Sherborne House, two children from Year 5 and two from Year 6 went to Guilford to compete in the national semifinals.

The format was the same with each member of the team having a keypad with the numbers one to four corresponding to the answers which were displayed on a screen. Ellie, Maahum, Ollie and Sophie worked well as a team on questions that proved, at times, to be very challenging.

Tactics were also important in achieving points so on some questions where the answer was unknown, the team could each press a different button, therefore, ensuring at least some points would be awarded. On the journey to the school, the four children were discussing possible questions that might be asked and luckily the team had discussed recent events. They were all smiles when the question ‘What was the name of the space module that landed on Mars this week?’ came up; all the points were successfully achieved for the answer ‘InSight’ for this question. Overall, the team came 5th and should be congratulated on their performance and the knowledge that they demonstrated during this national semi-final.

Success at Sherborne House is linked to our learning powers of challenge, perseverance, responsibility and reflection. Children are encouraged to be successful by using each of these powers in and out of their lessons and to recognise their achievements. At the end of the week, each class reflects on their work and records their successes. Children are taught to build on their successes and so carry their learning forward.

Mrs Julie Domone, Year 5 Tutor and Quiz Club Organiser