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Pre Covid-19 the world was full of people in a hurry, who sometimes forgot the impact that good manners can have on others. Even the most simple courtesies were in danger of being lost in the rush for self in the brusque world of celebrity. The irony is that in an age in which there are more highly qualified people competing for few jobs (perhaps more so now as we enter a post Covid-19 world), it is often good manners that sets people apart and shows an awareness and consideration for others that is so vital in any walk of life. While academic qualifications, enthusiasm, initiative and personality are all vitally important to securing a good job and social acceptance, having good manners is fundamental to the impression one makes on others and is often the lubricant that oils one’s progress through life.

I do think that it is important that children learn good manners at an early age not as a matter of didactic instruction but as a simple courtesy and way of showing consideration and respect for others. In all areas of life, parents and teachers have this shared responsibility of having to establish appropriate standards of behaviour and etiquette while also acting as role models – no easy task!

I often tell prospective parents how engaging and polite the Sherborne House children are. They are very personable. They say please and thank you. They will look you in the eye when they talk to you and have the confidence to talk back. It's these simple courtesies that will stand them in good stead for life beyond school as they enter the world of work.