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Our first half term is almost at an end and it has simply flown by! This is somewhat appropriate given the 30th anniversary of the Great Storm and the effects we experienced from Storm Ophelia at the beginning of the week! The children were fascinated by how the light changed over the course of the lunch time period. I first observed a change in light conditions at the end of a Year 6 percentages lesson. However, we had been so engrossed in working, that it was only when we stopped and started the plenary, that we all became aware of how the light felt different in the classroom. The children, being the imaginative and resourceful individuals that they are (which makes teaching so rewarding) created a whole array of different scenarios as to the reasons behind the red hue which engulfed the sun. I think my favourite was the concept of a fire-breathing dragon flying towards the sun to show how, with their help and special powers, a dragon could change the sun from yellow to red in an instance. When unexpected events like these occur, it is important to use them to capture the children’s thoughts and ideas, as they can prove to be wondrous and spontaneous.

What has also been wonderful to see over the course of this term has been the continued way the children have thought about the benefits of good manners and behaviour, and how first impressions really count. It is refreshing to see how Sherborne House pupils possess the lovely manners which we believe are core life skills. The children are also able to explore the reasons behind the need for good manners, which I believe are captured completely in this quote “Good manners are just a way of showing other people that we have respect for them.”

My final note echoes what Mrs Hopson-Hill wrote in her last blog on the importance of perseverance. When I visited the Year 4 classrooms last week, I was presented with a multitude of extremely well-crafted Celtic roundhouses, which clearly demonstrated the children’s determination to succeed using a variety of different mediums. The Year 4 classes also thoroughly enjoyed talking about how they had gone about creating their models, which demonstrated their desire to persevere until successful, and to then take another step.

Mark Bennet, Deputy Head