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Each week we have an assembly theme, which it is my pleasure to introduce to the children on Monday morning. This week the theme was ‘Perseverance’ a word which often crops up when children come to see me for a Head Teacher’s Award. Whilst the reasons for the Award can be many and varied, keeping on going at something which a child has initially found difficult, probably tops the list. It is lovely to see how proud the children are when they know they have conquered something which has caused then previous difficulty; as teachers, it is exactly such moments that we treasure and which make our job so hugely rewarding. However, the very definition of the word perseverance, implies that there has been the need for a sustained effort over a period of time, and this always leads our discussions on to another word, that of ‘resilience’.

In this world of ease of access to information supported by technological wizardry, AI and STEM developments, one can understand the view that perhaps such traits as perseverance and resilience are no longer necessary. However, for our children, the need to adapt and to be creative and flexible will be essential skills; indeed, it will be these human qualities of adaptation, imagination and intuition, which will set them aside from technology, and bring the word new things seen through inspired eyes. It is also becoming increasingly likely that during their working lifetime, our children will have several major changes of career. They will need to consider, reflect, adapt and change and to view problems not as setbacks, but as opportunities for creative thinking and as exciting challenges which can be overcome.

Such attitudes will be hugely important in helping to promote positive self-image, confidence and independence, which in turn, will help to combat stress. It is a growth mindset which we have a responsibility to ensure that our children increasingly understand, value and practice. However, this week’s newsletter, full of wonderful examples of academic, creative and sporting perseverance and resilience, demonstrates that we are well on the way.

Wishing you all a good weekend.

Heather Hopson-Hill, Head Teacher