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Being in a school during the build-up to Christmas is simply wonderful!

An air of excitement and expectation percolates through the school from top to toe, and the school is filled with a buzz of energy and anticipation which is unique to this very special time of year. Teamwork and determination combine with excitement, as performance becomes a focus. Of course, performance is about much more than just communicating a message; it is about the children developing their speaking and listening skills, their creativity and imagination, and the accompanying enjoyment and growth in self-esteem and confidence which this also engenders.

This year, our celebrations began in the Early Years’ department, with our youngest children taking to the stage to tell the Christmas story. Pre-Reception and Reception performed ‘Whoops-a-Daisy Angel’ and ‘A Little Bird Told Me’ respectively, both hugely enjoyed by parents and grandparents; all were impressed by the children’s confident delivery of lines and songs, and their enjoyment of being on stage. In Years 1 and 2, the story of the Christingle was presented, the children explaining the symbolism behind each part of the Christingles. This was complemented with songs and actions, including signing, all of which delighted the audience and demonstrated the confidence and talents of the children.

In the upper part of the school, we held the Carol Service ‘at home’ for the first time in many years; the Key Stage 2 children splitting into two halves, so giving Years 3 and 4, and then Years 5 and 6, their own opportunity to shine! Years 3 and 4 told the story of Christmas customs and traditions around the world, and the concert was concluded with a range of prayers and greetings reflecting the many different languages and cultures we are delighted to have at Sherborne House. Years 5 and 6 performed the traditional Christmas story through songs, poetry and drama. Parents were hugely, and rightly impressed, by the professional and assured way in which all of the children encouraged each other, and worked together to present a very wide and varied programme. It is extremely rewarding to see children demonstrating maturity, self-assurance and empathy, in working with their peers to produce performances of which all can be extremely proud.

Christmas at Sherborne House would not be Christmas of course, without Santa and his elves making an appearance at the school bazaar, Christmas lunch, a visit to the pantomime, carols around the tree, and House craft day – to name but a few of the end of term activities we enjoy! A huge ‘Thank you’ to FOSH for all their hard work, especially with the bazaar.

As the song says, ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year!’ and especially so when spent in the company of our super children. I would also like to thank all our families for their help and support during 2018, and wish everyone a very peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Heather Hopson-Hill, Head Teacher