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When Year 6 went to PGL Little Canada on the Isle of Wight, there were many challenges that we conquered.

Most of us were scared of heights and small spaces but we faced our fears and undertook the challenges by persevering. Here are a few quotes from Year 6 on their experiences:

“At PGL I experienced lots of elements of challenges, but one in particular- heights. There were many activities that were height based like climbing and trapeze. But I overcame them by showing determination and persisting on. I feel that I could achieve anything now if I put my mind to it, having overcome one of my biggest fears!”

“I was very happy when I got to the top of the trapeze because I had never got to the very top before, but I was determined and I completed the challenge! The giant swing was another activity that I was a bit frightened of because the swing drops and you swing from a very high height, but I ended up wanting to do it again and it became my favourite activity! The tunnel was a brand new challenge I had never done before so I got a bit a worried. It was a fabulous experience.”

“I found the challenge course the hardest as well as kayaking. The part of the challenge course where we had to carry water and do the challenges was the hardest, along with climbing a wooden wall, as I am better at normal climbing. In kayaking, I know I generally prefer not to go near water.”

“I struggled with the giant swing and found it a challenge because I am scared of heights. But in the end I did it with William and didn't find it too scary so the next time I did it, I went to the top and I pulled the rope.”

“The hardest challenge for me was probably the sensory trail. It was challenging because you had to go through an obstacle course blindfolded, it was tricky as you didn’t know where you where or what was coming up next. I overcame this challenge by listening to all the other people in my team telling me what to do and by using all my other senses. I felt really good after finishing it and I would have even wanted to do it again.”

"We all had a brilliant time and we had an experience that we won’t forget!"