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We have enjoyed another busy and fun term at school. In addition to our dedicated timetabled lessons from Pre-Reception up to and including Year Six we have celebrated other key national events.

World Mental Health Day fell on Sunday 10th October this year. In my PSHE & Relationships lessons I took the week to reinforce the importance of a healthy mind as well as having a healthy body, and also where to get help if you or a friend are struggling.

On 13th November it was World Kindness Day, and the importance of kindness was explored in all our lessons. Some of the ways we discussed how we can show kindness are: being friendly and considerate, smiling when you walk past others, writing or drawing a positive message, asking someone about their day and inviting others to play.

We all wore our odd socks proudly to school on Monday 15th November. This was to show that we are all unique and special and will stand up to bullying. This year's national anti-bullying message is: One Kind Word. During my special PSHE and Relationships assembly we learnt about the ‘ripple’ effect of one kind act. This was reinforced by watching and discussing the moving video clip: ’Ripple’.

Our children also watched, and discussed, the national live BBC teach Anti-bullying assembly and a highlight was undoubtedly the rap from Andy and The Odd Socks! If you, as parents and carers, would like more information on the anti-bullying message then the anti-bullying alliance has informative advice: anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk

On 17th November I invited all parents to attend a Health and Relationships Education ‘refresher’ coffee afternoon. The aim was to re-cap the history of the new Health and Relationships curriculum, the different strands and how the curriculum is taught. The presentational slides are on the school’s website under the PSHE & Relationship curriculum section for the perusal of those that could not attend.

Last week all parents from Reception to Year Six, in the school’s newsletter, were invited to kindly complete a very short PSHE questionnaire. If you did not complete it then, please do so by the end of term - your opinions matter and are greatly valued. The link to the questionnaire is:


During my Year Six lessons this week we discussed the 1914 Christmas Truce and the feelings of the soldiers on both sides in the war. We discussed empathy and goodwill. This message remains as true today as the sentiment was then. I wish you, and your wonderful children, a safe and peaceful Christmas break.

Mrs Holmes
(PSHE & Relationships) Lead