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During our staff training at the beginning of term, the staff and I explored the core values that underpin all that we do at Sherborne House: Inspire, Nurture and Value. We discussed the teachers who inspired us and why they were so inspirational so looking to how we can further inspire the children here at Sherborne House and how they can encompass that inspiration long after they leave us at the end of Year 6.

I am sure that we can all remember the teacher who ‘made it click’ for us when we were at school. For me, it was Roger Higham, a passionate, inspiring and supportive teacher who was able to convey his love for his subject - History – in all his pupils. I believe, and this was echoed by the staff team, that the key attributes to highly effective and inspired teaching (and these were clearly demonstrated by Roger) are often more attitudinal than technical skill. Inspirational teachers build quality relationships with the children and they are energetic and enthusiastic in their approach. They will encourage genuine warmth and empathy towards their pupils. Inspirational teachers will regularly praise their pupils for their effort and they will recognise a child’s potential.

These are all important building blocks that contribute to inspirational teaching. It is these blocks that the Sherborne House team will continue to focus on and build on to inspire each and every pupil. I firmly believe that passionate and inspired teaching should pique a child’s curiosity so that they find their strengths within both the curriculum and co-curriculum.

Yet it is not just the teachers that inspire the children; since joining Sherborne House, it is clear to me the pupils equally inspire the teachers on a daily basis as well. In our celebration assembly at the end of the first week back, I couldn’t help but be both inspired and immensely proud of the children who received their music and LAMDA certificates. Over 160 certificates were awarded to Sherborne House pupils! This was testament to the hard work, endeavour and commitment from the children.

As we look forward to this weekend, I am extremely inspired by the number of pupils taking part in the Tough Mudder challenge and wish them the best of luck.