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On Tuesday 25th May we held a whole school first aid day which was a huge success!

The children took part in active learning sessions following the British Red Cross First aid champions scheme. They learnt about first aid in realistic everyday situations. The eight skills covered were: asthma attack, bleeding, broken bones, burns, head injury, breathing unresponsive and unresponsive but not breathing. Our children also learnt about kindness, how to contact the emergency services and get help, coping and keeping calm, as well as how to stay safe when helping.

A variety of learning tools were used including real-life scenario videos, quizzes, presentations and role-play.

Our Pre-reception, Reception, Year One and Year Two children were delighted to come into school as dress-up healthcare workers and we had a super array of costumes ranging from nurses, paramedics, NHS volunteers, and doctors. Their ‘patients’ - in the form of a soft toy - were certainly well looked after and cuddled throughout the day!

In Upper school the older children practised different scenarios using their colourful towels as mats and even props in some cases; and they have certainly developed keen first aid skills.

At the end of the day all our children had successfully become a First Aid Champion and proudly received their certificates.

A special thank-you also to Dr Wigley, Mrs Banerjee and Mrs Dhariwal who kindly offered to assist during the course of the day.

Pamela Holmes
Personal Social Health Education and Citizenship Leader
4HS Form Tutor, Upper and Lower School Tutor