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Christmas always brings back very happy memories for me. I can remember my father always finishing work at lunchtime on Christmas Eve and that’s when the festivities began. Our Christmas tree was decorated, aunts, uncles and cousins would visit and then we would always go to Midnight Mass. I can remember those times it snowed over Christmas and that made the occasion all the more special. My parents had their Christmas traditions which, of course, I have passed on to my own children as well. We have made new traditions although, some have been replaced; my children are no longer keen on the local pantomime (much to the consternation of their grandmother) so this has been replaced with a trip to East London to watch our football team (usually a pantomime anyway!). It will be interesting to see which traditions they pass on to their children.

The festive season is about making memories so as the term draws to a close, it is time to reflect on the last two weeks which have contained so many festive activities; the Nativity, the Christingle, the Carol Services and singing around the Christmas tree. At each event, the children demonstrated a great deal of confidence and they performed beautifully; it is these events that create fond memories for them of their time at Sherborne House and I hope that they will look back on these memories long after they leave us in Year 6.

I am extremely grateful to all the pupils for their hard work and productivity this term, the parents for their continued support and involvement in school life and also to all the staff for their commitment and inspiration. I hope that you will have a relaxing, restful and peaceful Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.