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As I said to a parent after the Year 2 assembly, there is no better place to be at Christmas than in a school!

Sherborne House always has a kind and happy feeling, but at this time of year, a special magic fills the air, and the excitement of the children is plain for all to see! However, their excitement is not just the anticipation of what Santa might be bringing. The children have a genuine understanding that Christmas is also a time to think of others, and particularly of those who do not have the support of loving families or the shelter of a warm and comfy home. The competition to design a Christmas card for our local MP, was won by a Sherborne House pupil this year, and bore the simple words ‘Christmas is for Sharing’. It has been wonderful to see this message reflected by all the children throughout the school, who have shared not just things, but more importantly, a kindness and generosity of spirit that makes everyone feel included and special. In their work for assembly performances to parents, in Christmas House activities, on our trip to the pantomime, during Christmas Lunch and in all the many other special events at this time of year, the children have shared and celebrated each other’s company and successes, and made all within the Sherborne House community feel included and special.

The staff and I are extremely proud of all the children, and I therefore felt that I could not do better than to give them the last word this term. I hope that you will enjoy reading their account of our Carol Service and their wonderful Year 6 Assembly as much as they enjoyed participating in them! I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you, on behalf of all the staff, a very peaceful and joyous Christmas and New Year.