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We have certainly embraced and celebrated Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 at Sherborne House School!

The year 2020/21 has been a challenging one for our children, whether they are learning at home or in school, and sound mental health has never been so important. The theme this year is ‘Express Yourself’, helping children understand that it is ok to be themselves and to ‘express themselves’ through creativity such as through music, art, dance, writing, poetry, clothes and photographs to help them feel good about themselves. This special week is supported by the Duchess of Cambridge and she had a very special introductory message to share:

On Monday during our catch-up time with our Form Tutors we watched a special virtual assembly by Place2Be. The message throughout, delivered by a host of famous names such as Jodie Whittaker and Oti Mabuse, was that everyone is unique and we can give our mental health a boost by expressing ourselves in any way we like e.g singing in the shower, dancing around our homes or painting a picture.

During our dedicated PSHE lessons, each year group explored a different aspect of mental health. Here is a snapshot of what our children learned: our Reception children practiced mindful breathing with a cuddly toy; In Year One we talked about having star qualities and how it can help us feel happy when we think about our own star qualities; In Year Two we discussed the ways we are all unique and we drew ourselves in the middle of a star with our special qualities drawn on each point of the star; In Year Three we discussed questions such as,’ What does it mean to have pride in ourselves?’ and ‘Why should we be proud of our achievements?; In Year Four the children created poems titled ‘Happiness Is..’ and also completed an activity called ‘Colour My Feelings’; In Year Five we thought about how ‘We are Confidently Unique’ and celebrated our own individual skills, interests and talents, and in Year Six the children explored the links between thoughts, feelings and behaviour in the ‘cognitive triangle’ and discussed how we can turn negative thoughts into positive ones and how this can lead to greater happiness.

The learning did not stop there since Wednesday was our school’s ‘Express Yourself Day’! Children (and staff) were invited to wear clothing of their choice to express themselves. Outfits varied from bright, vibrant and colourful clothes, face paints, wacky hair, hilarious wigs and we even had a polar bear! We all looked very different from each other and that was ok because we celebrated the fact that we are all special and unique and that it is fine to express ourselves in our unique and individual ways.

Our special week will be concluded on Friday with a special and thought provoking assembly by Mrs Cripps our Deputy Headteacher, to relay the message that it is ok to be yourself, be kind to yourselves and to look after each other.

Pamela Holmes
Personal Social Health Education and Citizenship Leader
4HS Form Tutor, Upper and Lower School Tutor