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‘Charity looks at the need and not the cause’
– German proverb

I am delighted that the School Council have voted to support the Eastleigh Food Bank and the Winchester Night Shelter both very worthy causes and especially so in the current economic climate.

Sherborne House pupils are very aware and generous in their philanthropy. However, I do wonder if the sheer amount of charities, either at home or abroad extolling good and worthy causes that there is a danger that children become desensitised by them.

It is important that schools like Sherborne House develop a spirit of charity but it is also important that we recognise the importance of maintaining a sense of balance, so that as well as imbuing children with a culture of giving and a sense of responsibility, they learn to think charitably even in their own community.

Charity is not just about aid and money; charity should be a state of mind.

My hope is that this current generation of pupils will be more community minded than we have been, more aware and more international in their thinking. We mustn’t allow them to think of charity as just an endless stream of good causes, for there will always be good causes; we need to imbue them with the spirit of charity in their lives, so they will look charitably at those in their own community while looking to see what they can do to help citizens of the global village.

Mark Beach