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This morning, our school was alive with running, jogging and moving. We had children and teachers of Sherborne House starting the day in the best way: with 2 miles of movement. Despite the cold (and very dark) morning, almost 40 children from Years 2 - 6 made the commitment to join us for our inaugural Friday fun run.

The benefits of running have long since been reported, with researchers extolling the sport’s many virtues: from building confidence, improved mental agility and health and better concentration when facing academic challenges.

Indeed Steven Covey, the author of 'The 7 Habits of Happy Kids', states that we should all 'Think Win-Win'. Through this habit, we should aim to foster and encourage ways in which we can mutually benefit from all interactions. The runners this morning demonstrated this habit in abundance: encouraging each other, celebrating determination and boosting the moral of fellow runners.

Whilst I am sure I perhaps have missed the opportunity to win a marathon, or break a sprint record, I recognise the benefits felt by our running club this morning. Certainly, watching our runners challenge themselves to be the best they can be, whilst encouraging those around them to do the same has inspired me to find my training shoes and get running!