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At Sherborne House school we understand the importance of good mental health. World Mental Health Day was last Sunday 10th October and we marked this important day throughout this week.

Form Tutors completed a wellbeing daily morning activity with their class as soon as the children arrived in school, whereby children practiced positive affirmations e.g. I am special, I am brave and I am kind. In addition to this there was a special daily body check where children were told to close their eyes and ‘listen’ to their body and mind. Questions were asked such as how do you feel? Are you holding any tension anywhere? What emotions are you feeling today? Where is your body? ... At the end of each day children were asked to share three things that they were thankful for.

Throughout the week, during my PSHE & Relationships lessons I discussed with the children ways of keeping our minds healthy and happy; for example, some children rehearsed putting any worries into an imaginary balloon and then ‘popping’ the balloon and our Reception children created a sensory area in the classroom where they can go if they are ever feeling overwhelmed.

In Upper school our lessons included large speech bubbles where children wrote positive and inspirational messages, others created comic strips and drama sketches. Our discussions were based around both positive and poor mental health and how we can remove any feelings of shame or embarrassment and what to do if they, or a friend, ever needs help.

I would like to share with you a quote which the Year Four children particularly enjoyed:

‘Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day.’

Pam Holmes

PSHE & Relationships Leader