| Head's Blog

The expansion of our nursery at the beginning of this term has been an exciting development in the history of Sherborne House School. Our youngest pupils are now starting their educational journey with us at 6 months old which will conclude as they move on to their Senior Schools at the end of Year 6.

Our mission at Sherborne House is to provide an environment where children are encouraged to succeed and where their talents and achievements can be celebrated. Extending our provision to admit children from 6 months, of course, comes with many logistical benefits for our parents; but most importantly, it comes with long term benefits for each individual pupil and their family as they progress through the school.

Having children join us from 6 months old allows the teachers the opportunity to really know every aspect of a child’s character; their strengths and unique talents as well as areas that they find more challenging. This ensures that we can work with each pupil individually to ensure that their outcomes – academic, pastoral and co-curricular – are the best they can be.

It also means that we can, at key points in a child’s academic career, such as the transition from Pre-Reception to Reception and between Key Stages, more effectively support and guide pupils and parents. Placing our knowledge of the individual child at the heart of the process is especially important when guiding pupils and parents through Senior School choices.

By the time a pupil reaches Year 6, they will have been on an educational journey that, we hope, will have inspired them to develop an interest in learning for life.