The children in Year 6 have produced some narrative writing based on a short story called The Water Tower. They were tasked with writing 'missing pages' from the book to show what had happened to the main character.

Bubba could not believe what he had seen. No, it can’t be, he thought. It can't be the Monster of Presssttt….

Suddenly, Bubba was hauled (from the ankle of his plump, right leg) deep beneath the surface of the murky and contaminated water. Panicking, Bubba kicked his legs, frantically, to break free of the spine-chilling grasp that held him underneath the water’s surface. Bubba could not swim. Within a minute or two, he started to feel very drowsy and his legs would kick no more; he started to sink to the depths of the water tower.

Abruptly, he woke up sitting on the top rail of the rusty and weatherbeaten ladder to find himself drenched and dripping with water. It was all a dream, he thought, but was it really?

“Bubba!” called Spike, as he sprinted through the vast field at full speed. “I have your pants!” No reply. “Bubba?” Spike asked, curiously. “Finally", he says, relieved as Bubba starts to climb down the water tower. Spike handed Bubba his pants and he slipped into them straight away, but as they went home Bubba started to boast about how he stayed down in the water for a very long time. “Yea, I stayed down there for such a long time but if I stayed down there any longer, I think I may have dissolved,” Bubba exclaimed. Spike’s eyes narrowed. This was not like Bubba. Not like Bubba at all.

“Do you wanna go and get something to eat from that bakery near my house, Bubba?” Spike inquired, uncertain about Bubba’s reply.

“Nah, no time, my mother will be worrying about me now, she always monitors where I go,” Bubba responded. “Race you back home.”

“No,” Spike retorted, ambiguously. “ You carry on, I just need to tie my shoelace.

“Okay,” said Spike.

But the next thing Spike saw when he bent down, scared the living daylights out of him. A demonic, dire and black handprint that seemed to be embellished on Bubba’s right ankle. What was that and where did it come from?...