At Sherborne House, pupil voice gives groups of pupils the opportunity to meet and discuss different ways in which they can better the school community. Using feedback from all the pupils in school, through surveys and class discussions, each school committee is the driving force behind creating solutions and implementing initiatives to give each child the best school experience.

School Committees

There are currently four committees at Sherborne House School.

  • School Council
  • Food Committee
  • Playground Committee
  • Eco Committee

Why do we have school committees?

  • To improve the school according to all pupil's point of view
  • To make sure each class has a platform to voice their opinions
  • To encourage pupils to become an active participant in a democratic society
  • To discuss and raise issues within the whole school community.

How do pupils become Committee members?

At the beginning of each year, pupils can nominate themselves. Nominees present to their class the reasons why they would make a good committee member. Each class votes for their own class committee member.

What happens in the Committee Meetings?

Each committee member meets with their class to discuss ideas about changes and improvements to the school depending upon which committee they represent. The issues are then raised in the meetings and committee members discuss how to move forward with these ideas. They carry out surveys and votes within their classes so that each class's opinion is represented. These opinions are then fed back to each committee and the opinion of the majority is taken forward.

Watch a short video below of a representative from each school committee explaining what they have accomplished during the Autumn term and what they are looking forward to achieving throughout the Spring term.