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As a school, we place an importance on reading, not just in lessons, but also allowing the children to explore their love of reading in their spare time; as well as giving them the responsibility to help and guide others to explore their reading interests.

Pupil Librarian Programme

This academic year, we have started our Pupil Librarian programme whereby all the children from Year 3 to 6 were given the opportunity to become Librarians.

Interested children came to a meeting where teachers talked about what a Librarian does. This year we were blown away that nearly 60 children came to the meeting!


All the children have been put on a rota between now and the end of the academic year. There are two librarians on duty each break time; this is an opportunity for other children to visit the library to change their books and read a book. The Librarians on duty have jobs to do whilst they are in the library; to organise the fiction and non-fiction books, scan books in and out for other children and help children to choose a book.

Each term, the Librarians will receive their Librarian badge as well as, what we hope will be, a very inspiring opportunity!