| Year 4

Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic day at Woodmill Outdoor Activity Centre last week.

The forecast for the day did not look terribly promising at 6am over a bowl of cornflakes. With rain promised for most of the day, we did wonder what we’d let ourselves in for.

By 8:15am, however, the weather was dry (ish) and lots of excited children were layered and waterproofed up, raring to go for their day of team building and aerial challenges.

On arrival at the car park, the Woodmill team were there to greet us and take us off to our activities. Three groups excitedly sped off to face their collective challenges.

The next time we reconvened was for lunch, with many a daring tale being shared over a quick sandwich. Following a brief break, the instructors were back for their crews and the children were off again.

The day seemed to pass in a flash, a pretty dry one at that, and we were soon all safely back on the coach, sharing many a story about our climbing, archery, low ropes or crate stacking challenges.

Well done to all the children involved for pushing themselves to their limits and all the determination they showed throughout the day. Special thanks should go to Mrs Hughes and Miss Cardinal for their support on the day.