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Every year as part of our Christmas celebrations, Sherborne House School take part in carol singing at various places and different events in the local community. It is a brilliant opportunity for the children to spread some festive cheer with local residents and do something they love - singing!

One of the children's favourite places to do carol singing is at the Winchester Christmas market. The children are able to sing in the food court, surrounded by all the Christmas stalls and with the cathedral standing majestically above. It is quite a magical feeling being surrounded by such beautiful buildings, with all the Christmas lights twinkling above the children. This year marks the 15th year running that the children have sung carols at the Winchester Christmas Market.

The children's songs range from the traditional christmas carols such as ‘Hark the Herald angels sing’, through to modern carols such as ‘New boy born’ by Carol Ann Duffy, and favourites such as ‘Holly Holly Christmas’.

This year, the children are also carol singing twice after the end of term. They are raising funds for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance by singing at Southampton Airport and for the Hospital’s charity by singing at Southampton General Hospital.