| Year 2

A few weeks ago as part of our Life Cycles of… learning we progressed from tadpoles to chicks! Well, eggs at least.

Armed with a specialist incubation kit and instruction manual, 6 eggs were very carefully placed into an incubator by Miss Warren in the Year 2 classroom.

There was so much excitement in the room it was more than audible!!

And then the wait began!

It was very difficult for Year 2 to contain themselves with the excitement which was bubbling.

Eventually, after two whole days, on Wednesday morning a chick had emerged just before school began for the day.

And of course, much of the day was spent discussing chicks!

The chicks got fluffier and bigger over the course of only one day. Boy chicks like this one are more yellow in colour and girl chicks have a much paler yellow colour to them.

As the chicks got bigger and bigger they were given room out of the brooder to stretch their legs.

This provided Year 2 the opportunity to get to know each chick and learn how to handle them very carefully.

The chicks started to grow at a tremendous rate each day. Year 2 monitored their health very carefully, making sure they were eating and drinking at the correct amount, and were given ‘time out’ so stretch their legs.

Miss Warren, Mrs Mathema, Mrs Cliffe-Roberts and Mrs Hughes have been on hand throughout to give guidance on how to hatch, brood and care for the chicks.

It was a delightful for Year 2 to watch the beginning of the Life Cycle of a Chick – who are now comfortably settled with Miss Cardinal!