World Book Day was a great success!

We were amazed by the plethora of book characters that our children dressed up as! There were Lady Macbeths, Things One and Two, Alice in Wonderland, Hogwarts staff, a Mr Bump, Elizabeth Bennett, a Dinosaur, a Coding Board, Mary Poppins, Willy Wonka, and even the Demon Headmaster appeared.

To see such an array of characters around school and playing on the playground, was all a tad unsettling; but our children were captivated by the mesmerising stories that our strangely dressed visitors told and we really hope that our reading day will encourage them to read more books and enter imaginary worlds more often!

The use of books has long been a crucial part of education. However, with the internet becoming an increasingly common learning resource, books are being marginalised. At Sherborne House, we still recognise the importance of books in helping children to learn, develop, and express their creativity, and World Book Day was a great opportunity for us to help our pupils understand what reading has to offer.

One of the joys of reading we expressed to the children is that books have endless possibilities. Their content is always unique and the diverse range of subjects being written about ensures there is something for everyone. Whether a six-year-old wants to know more about their favourite dinosaur or a 11-year-old wants to get lost in a story of adventure, there is always a book that is perfect for them.

Although our pupils and teachers had a lot of fun yesterday, all of our activities had an underlying message — reading is important.

For the parents amongst you, you’ll have spent the morning helping your child dress up as a character from their favourite story in preparation for World Book Day. Just as dressing up shows the joy in revelling in the make-believe, books have the ability to spark something inside for everyone. They open the door to different worlds, they comfort, they disturb, and they share a single message to thousands of people, or leave a thousand thoughts with just one.

See some photos from World Book Day in the photo gallery.