Every week, the Form Tutors in consultation with all staff, will be choosing one pupil from their class (Reception to Year 6) to receive a Head Teacher’s Special Award. This will be in recognition of the child’s particular effort at school in some way, perhaps work-related, but also including areas such as service to others, being kind, polite or supportive, being an ambassador for the school - or in any other way in which that particular child has been a superstar that week! We will keep the reason why as a surprise, as we want the children to be the first to tell you all about their award!


Otters - Ariyana

Year 1

1P - Adam

Year 2

2CR - Amaya

2M - Rosie

Year 3

3M - Rhys

3W - Sammey

Year 4

4C - Calli

4HS - Bertie

Year 5

5B - Ryan

5S - Ritika

Year 6

6B - Caitlin

6EW - Mia