All throughout lockdown, the Form Tutors in consultation with all staff, will be choosing one pupil from their class (Reception to Year 6) to receive a Head Teacher’s Special Award. The children have been super excited to receive their certificate through the post. This will be in recognition of the child’s particular effort at school in some way, perhaps work-related, but also including areas such as service to others, being kind, polite or supportive, being an ambassador for the school - or in any other way in which that particular child has been a superstar that week! We will keep the reason why as a surprise, as we want the children to be the first to tell you all about their award!


Otters - Jasan

Year 1

1P - Sasha

Year 2

2CR - Emily

2M - Amaya

Year 3

3M - Vishal

3W - Veer

Year 4

4C - Nathan

4HS - Kaiyan

Year 5

5B - Fintan

5S - Zoha

Year 6

6B - Radu

6EW - Juliette