We have collated the results of state secondary school offers, entrance exams and places offered and scholarships attained for 2021 entry for senior school destinations for our current Year 6.

As a completely independent preparatory school we are able to help guide, advise and facilitate application for destination schools best suited for each individual child.

This year, in the Covid year, children whose families decided to enter exams for selective schools did so under the most difficult circumstances and still managed to obtain an unrivalled amount of offers for destinations schools - allowing each family the choice of school to suit the individual.

"We are very proud of the achievements of all of our children in Year 6. A group of our students were awarded scholarships after electing to take entrance exams for their chosen secondary schools. Despite a number of the secondary schools altering their application procedure, and the children taking their exams under very unusual circumstances this year academic scholarships were awarded: two art scholarships, a drama scholarship and a sports scholarship."

Sarah Evans
Director of Studies and Year 6 Tutor

2021 Entrance Exam Results and Subsequent Senior School Offers