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Prep Department - Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6)

The Prep department builds on the foundations laid in the earlier parts of the school, and includes pupils from Years 3 to 6, also known as Key Stage 2, aged between 7 and 11.

As the children move up through the school, they are taught increasingly by subject specialists. This enables the pupils to benefit from the expertise of highly-experienced specialist staff, and to develop the independence and confidence needed for their future education.

Read more about the Prep Curriculum.

Class Sizes and Support

Form Tutors track academic progress and provide pastoral care. Class sizes remain small, ensuring that each child benefits from a high degree of individual care and attention, both inside and outside the classroom. The school encourages constant communication with parents regarding the progress of their child, and formal reporting procedures are offered termly. In addition, parents are always welcome to speak to teachers on an informal basis, should any concerns arise.

Admissions into Prep

If you are thinking of moving your child to a new school, you are bound to be feeling anxious as to how they might settle in. However, schools are generally very good at making new starters feel welcome and children are very adaptable, so - with some advance preparation - being the ‘new boy’ or ‘new girl’ won’t last long!

We have put together our Top 10 Tips to help you smooth the transition for both you and your child.