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About Pre-Prep - Key Stage 1 (Years 1- 2)

Welcome to the Pre-Prep department which consists of our Year 1 and Year 2 classes, which is also known as Key Stage 1, and caters for pupils aged between 5 and 7 years.

Small Class Sizes

Small classes offer high levels of individual care and support, which enables work to be differentiated and targeted according to the needs of each pupil.

Independent Thinkers

Pupils are encouraged to think independently and problem-solve, and to be inventive and imaginative, thereby developing self-esteem and confidence in their own ability. Children leave the Pre-Prep department well-prepared for the next stage of their education in the upper part of the school. Our broad and stimulating curriculum enables children of all abilities to have a challenging and personalised approach to education. Read more about the Pre-Prep curriculum.

Parent - Teacher Communication

Regular communication regarding each child's academic, social and personal progress is fundamental to the work of the school. Formal reporting procedures take place on a termly basis, although parents are always welcome to speak informally to their child's Form Tutor should they require any information.

Admissions into Pre-Prep

If you are thinking of moving your child to a new school, you are bound to be feeling anxious as to how they might settle in. However, schools are generally very good at making new starters feel welcome and children are very adaptable, so - with some advance preparation - being the ‘new boy’ or ‘new girl’ won’t last long! We have put together our Top 10 Tips to help you smooth the transition for both you and your child.