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Harvest Festival

On Thursday 15th October the school donated food for Harvest Festival.  We celebrated Harvest with a special assembly to display all the food we had collected.  Lesley from the Winchester Night Shelter talked about what the Night Shelter does for homeless people.  She also talked about how she was extremely grateful for the donations.  At the end of the assembly, most Year 6 students helped to load the food into the minibus.  The four Senior Prefects went on the minibus with Mrs Browning to help unload at the Night Shelter.  They also had a tour of the facilities and found out how people sometimes find themselves in disadvantaged situations.

Diba – “They told us some sad stories about how people end up in the Night Shelter.  It was quite emotional”.

Kamran – “The visit to the Night Shelter made me realise how lucky I am compared to the people who visit the Shelter”.

Annabel – “The tour around the Night Shelter helped me to understand that some people find themselves in difficult situations which leads them to being homeless”.

Casper – “They showed us around the basic facilities and explained how little some people have when they arrive at the Shelter. They sometimes only have the clothes they are wearing and nothing else”.

Published on 15/10/2015