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Reception Visit to Blue Reef Aquarium

The Reception children had an exciting visit to Blue Reef Aquarium today.  They were all very excited getting on the coach, all talking about the different sea creatures they might get to see! When we arrived we started our trip with a guided tour of the Aquarium.  The first thing we saw was a very large crab in a tank on the wall. The children were then fascinated to see a huge fish tank filled with lots of very large fish of all different shapes and sizes. It was at the right level for the children to be able to look through the glass and see just what happens under the water.

After our tour we stopped for a quick snack break before moving on to engage in a rock pool encounter. Here we were able to see all the different sea creatures that could be found in a rock pool. The children were really interested in the crabs and the variety of sea life they could see.

After we had stopped for lunch there was still enough time to re-visit areas of the Aquarium that we had found the most interesting. As the children had found it all amazing we re-visited nearly everything! Then to finish off our exciting day, we were able to watch the otters being fed. It was a really wonderful day, and once we were on the coach the children chatted happily about all the experiences they had had.  

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Published on 02/10/2015