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Positions of Responsibility

We are delighted to announce the following school appointments:
Head Boy
Kamran D
Head Girl
Diba M
Deputy Head Boy
Casper K
Deputy Head Girl
Annabel S
House Captains
  • Beeches - Dillon P and Grace O
  • Oaks - Bruno J and Catherine S
  • Pines - Alex M and Claudia S
Sports Captains
  • Beeches - Matthew C-W and Greta B
  • Oaks - Harry B and Jasmine L
  • Pines - Gabriel B and Ella D
  • Ivor B, Findlay B, Lilly C, Piper D, Wesley G, Neha S and Matthew T
Music Prefects
  • Pheobee C, William H and Matthew T
School Council
Children from Years 2 to 6 have elected members of their classes to serve on the school council for this year. 
  • Yr 2   Ellie M (2C) Roxanna S (2P)
  • Yr 3   Emily CW (3B)  Isabella LB (3CR)
  • Yr 4   Aadi R (4E)   Kabir (P)                 
  • Yr 5   Aayan R (5E)  Emily W (5G)
  • Yr 6   Grace O (6B)   Harry B (6D)  
The school council will meet regularly during the school year to discuss issues that affect all the children at Sherborne House. The elected representatives will take ideas to the school council and feedback to their classes.
Published on 07/09/2015