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Year 3 visit to Sea City Museum

On Monday 2nd March Year 3 enjoyed a visit to the Sea City Museum in Southampton as part of their study of the Titanic in History and English. The pupils enjoyed the opportunity of a ‘hands on’ workshop which gave an exciting insight into investigating life on board. They discovered, through a practical water experiment, how the compartments filled with water which finally sank the ship. The children also explored a variety of artefacts associated with 1912, including a mink lady’s collar and metal curling tongues, any of which would have been seen on Titanic at that time. Another task focused on making decisions about which passengers should be allowed into a lifeboat. This encouraged the pupils to think carefully about age, strength, prior knowledge of the sea and prompted a very good group debate. They also explored different areas of the ship by connecting infused smelling cubes to selected parts of the ship, which they matched to selected photographs. This was quite a tricky challenge, but our pupils demonstrated a keen sense of smell! After an enjoyable packed lunch and renewed energy levels, the afternoon session enabled all pupils to fully engage in the exhibition. From a small bunch of original keys belonging to a crew member on board the ship, to newspaper reports from both sides of the Atlantic, the pupils all thoroughly enjoyed following a fact-finding question trail around the exhibition. This of course was in addition to a few more energetic tasks, which included finding out what it was like to shovel coal into the giant furnaces, steering the ship and dressing in period costumes. We would very much like to thank Mr Lewington, Mrs Danby, Mrs Beech, Mrs Hill and Mrs Stacey for all their help on the day. 

Published on 02/03/2015