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House Flag Competition

Last term, we ran a competition for children from Year 1 to Year 6 to design their own House flag. The School Council, House Captains and staff were tasked with the difficult decision of choosing a winner from each House. I am pleased to say that the winning designers were as follows:

Pines: Jessica LB (Year 4)

Beeches: Clara B (Year 6)

Oaks: Lucy K (Year 6)


A special mention should go the following children who made the final:




Jack W (Year 6)

Lucy B (Year 2)

Freya G (Year 3)

Kate L (Year 6)

Sophia B (Year 6)

Kamran D (Year 5)

Max K (Year 6)

Sophie B (Year 6)

Poppy G (Year 6)

Jasriah M (Year 6)

Theo B (Year 6)

Sadie P (Year 6)

Robert E (Year 6)

Madeline G (Year 6)

Tanay V (Year 6)


The House with the highest number of points each week will have their flag flown above the Main House. Congratulations to Oaks who were this week’s winners and the first flag fliers. 

Published on 23/01/2015