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King Edwards Orchestra Day

Five children were lucky to be selected to represent the school at an Orchestra day organised by King Edwards. Matthew T, Phoebee C, Bea B, Myah G-C and Piper D spent the morning with children from Twyford Prep, Princes Mead, West Hill Park and Stroud in groups to create a simple composition based on ‘Pictures in an Exhibition’ by Mussorsky. These were then put together to make a long piece and rehearsed ready for an evening performance. After that the children sat next to members of the Southbank Symphonia and the KES Orchestra whilst they rehearsed the 1st Movement of Mozart’s 40th symphony and were able to follow the sheetmusic whilst the orchestra played. The morning was rounded off with a fantastic lunch in the KES canteen. In the evening, the children accompanied by their parents, presented themselves at the Turner Sims Concert Hall, where they performed their compositions in the foyer before the main concert. A huge thanks must go to Heather Freemantle and the staff of KES for organising such an amazing event and also to Mrs C. for her help in supervising our children during the day.

Published on 09/10/2014