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HCS U11 Netball Winners

Our first match was against Prince’s Mead and both sides began nervously with the ball passing from one end to the other without a goal.  Finally, Lucy K and Sophie K both broke the deadlock with 2 goals in close succession.  We settled down and began to play some fast, exciting netball.  Our defence of Robyn T, Jasriah M and Madeline R helped to keep a clean sheet and we won the match 6-0.  Player of the Match: Sophia B.
In our second match against Leehurst Swan our attack moved the ball quickly down the court.  Sophia B, Clara B and Carrie B fed the ball nicely into the circle and we won comfortably 10-2.  Player of the Match:  Jasriah M.
In our final match against HCS we demonstrated our prowess by throwing accurately, and moving into spaces down the court.  Lucy K converted some long range shots and we won 11-1.  Player of the Match: Lucy K and Sophie K.         
Overall we won the tournament, and all the girls received medals and certificates for their hard work.  Well done! The players were: Lucy K, Sophie K, Carrie B, Sophia B, Clara B, Jasriah M, Robyn T and Madeline R.
Published on 27/09/2014