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Stroud 7-a-Side Winners

Having been runners-up last year, our current Year 4 boys entered this year’s annual Stroud U9 seven-a-side football tournament determined to go one step further! Playing 5 games of 14 minutes each, the boys had to maintain full concentration for over an hour and a quarter, a feat which they successfully achieved, much to their credit.  The boys’ afternoon could hardly have begun with a greater challenge, their first match being against Twyford, defending champions and holders of the trophy for the last five years!  Strong and solid at the back, Matthew E, Michael W and Ethan C-S snuffed-out any threats on the Sherborne House goal, whilst also distributing the ball back into the midfield.   The attack was then developed by Scott K, Euan H and Billy B, who worked tirelessly to create space and run at the opposing teams’ defenders, feeding the ball to Joseph W who found space up front, and who threatened the Twyford goal.  Substitutes, Taran M and Archie C-S made an invaluable contribution to the team effort, coming on at different points to support in various positions.  The first match against Twyford proved to be the most difficult game of the afternoon, and with a win safely under our belts, it was then a case of keeping focus and maintaining concentration.  The boys did a marvelous job of converting all the chances they created, to win all five games comfortably and bring home the trophy to Sherborne House for the first time!  A brilliant team effort – well done, boys!

Published on 27/09/2014