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Year 6 Poetry with Ricky Tart

On Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th September, Year Six children worked with the multi-talented Ricky Tart from Tricky Art to write and perform poetry for an interactive iBook, thanks to money raised by FOSH. The children began each session by taking part in some performance and movement games, designed to increase their sense of rhythm and confidence to perform in front of a large group. After some particularly competitive word association games and some impromptu beat-boxing, the children looked at a series of optical illusions and were encouraged to think about the creative ways in which we see the world around us. The children demonstrated their own creativity by writing Haiku poetry, based on evocative images. They then moved on to ‘free-writing’, spending ten minutes filling a page with random and spontaneous thoughts. Ricky showed the children how to shape their ideas into poetry and emphasised the importance of the process of editing. When the children had written a poem they were proud of, they were filmed performing it and their work was entered into the iBook. All the children agreed that their time spent with Ricky had been exciting, inspirational and an experience they would be eager to repeat.

Published on 15/09/2014