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Y2 Trip to Portsmouth Dockyard

On Wednesday 25th June Year 2 children went to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to find out about the life of a famous sailor ‘Horatio Nelson’ and learn more about his flagship HMS Victory. On board the ship there was an opportunity to train for life at sea. Through object handling and role play the children discovered what life was like in Nelson’s Navy. They set to task by dressing up in sailors and Admirals uniform, sending coded messages and learning new skills such as tying sailor’s knots. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the ‘powder monkey challenge’ and ‘learning the ropes’. They worked competitively in two teams passing bags of powder to be loaded onto the cannons ready for battle.

On the lower gun deck they were amazed at how many men ate their meals at the mess tables and decided salted beef and the hard ship’s biscuit with maggots and weevils was not something that appealed to them. Many questions were asked by our inquisitive pupils! Did sailors really eat maggots? What about their 5 a day? The visit on the flagship would not be complete without seeing the Admiral’s cabin and travelling to the Quarter deck enabled the children to see the brass plate where Nelson fell at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Back on land our afternoon ended with an interactive session learning about pet animals on board the Navy ships and a visit to the Museums and Nelson’s gallery. The children searched the galleries to find different ways that Nelson’s image is shown and used these to describe him. There was a vast array of paintings, statues, plates, jugs, letters and coins which helped people to remember this famous sailor from the past. The day ended on a high note with souvenirs from the gift shop as children boarded the bus back to school and continued to chatter about their day. The teachers would like to thank the following parents for their enthusiasm, interaction and support throughout the day: Mrs Kelly, Mrs Brackley, Mrs Keeling.

Published on 25/06/2014