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Y3 Trip to Winchester

On Monday 19th May Year 3 made the short trip to Winchester as part of their history topic. Each group visited Winchester Cathedral where they were given a guided tour of the building and the opportunity to learn all about the changes that have occurred to this ancient city over the years . To finish their tour the children took part in an art workshop where they learnt all about gargoyles and  grotesques by  making clay models of them. During the second part of their trip the children visited Winchester City Museum where they took part in a pot handling workshop. They had to be incredibly careful as they handled, and later drew, a 1000 year old pot. The children then took  on the role of history detectives by using their senses to find out more about how the pot could have been used and by whom. They also enjoyed learning about the different people who lived in Winchester throughout time by dressing up in replica costumes. Overall a great day was had by all.

Published on 19/05/2014