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Year 5 Travel Through Time

Year 5 visited the Tudor House Museum in Southampton to find out about changes in the local area over time.

Last week, Year 5 visited the Tudor House Museum in Southampton in order to reinforce their learning in history and put some of their knowledge into context. We were lucky to be given a guided tour of the Medieval city walls by Andy, a local archeologist who has been involved in researching their history for over 30 years. He shared some of his wealth of knowledge as he led us into two of the underground vaults, explained their purpose and told us about the changing trades in the city’s docks. He showed us how the walls had been extended and adapted over the years, including the ‘world’s first flushing toilet’, the perilous portcullises of the West Gate and the area where sea bathing was developed, leading to Southampton becoming a popular spa town.




Back at the museum, each class enjoyed a workshop session, handling artefacts from different periods of history, from Roman to Tudor times, while they worked as archaeologists, artefact artists and Roman heating engineers. In the afternoon, the children split into groups and toured the museum to look for facts and details to add to their research work at school. The introductory audio-visual experience and the dressing-up opportunities in different galleries were very popular, as was the time spent in the air-raid shelter in the cellar, finding out about life in the city during World War Two.

The day’s practical activities were all beneficial in helping the children to develop their historical understanding, with them asking questions to help further their knowledge and generating some of their own answers based on the evidence that was presented.



Published on 05/06/2018