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English/Drama Cross-curricular Enrichment Workshop

On Thursday 10th May, twenty children from Key Stage 2 participated in an enjoyable and productive English/Drama enrichment afternoon. The purpose of the session was to learn about character and to be able to express character through body language, movement and speech.

Initially, the children, in pairs, were asked to discuss what a monologue is. As a group, we explored their responses and came to a definition. The children then participated in paired activities, which caused much amusement when they had to talk non-stop to their partner for 60 seconds about a subject matter given to them; they then swapped roles. It was harder than it looked! The next activity was to talk for 60 seconds again but this time in character.

The children then were introduced to some examples of monologues from well-known films and books such as, Dory from Finding Nemo and Slugworth from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and the children explored some of the techniques used. Next, they were given a character outline sheet and in pairs thought about a character they would like to write about. They annotated their character outlines with words and phrases describing the personality and character traits. Next, the children thought about an important moment in their character’s life that would be the inspiration for their performance and mini-monologue.

The children then wrote and rehearsed their mini-monologues thinking about how their character stands, gestures and moves about. After that came the performance stage. One or two children preferred to read their monologues seated whereas others took to ‘The Stage’ and gave their character performances. They were fantastic and it was amazing what the children had achieved in just one afternoon. The children then sensibly peer-assessed each other’s monologues saying two positive aspects and one idea for improvement in the future.

A huge well done to everyone who attended the enrichment session – it was a very enjoyable and successful afternoon.

Pam Holmes

PSHE Co-ordinator

Published on 25/05/2018