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L’addition s’il-vous-plaît!

In French over the last few weeks Year 6 have been busy working hard on pretending to be waiters and waitresses in a French restaurant. After their week away on a residential, some were a bit nervous about forgetting what they had to say. Most had remembered to come prepared with their props though and looked very professional. Meanwhile Year 3 had spent the last few weeks practising being very awkward customers and were looking forward to putting Year 6 to the test.

At long last Monday afternoon came. Our room turned into a very busy restaurant - it certainly was very loud! Menus were given, orders were placed and ‘food’ brought on trays. Most Year 3's were very satisfied customers, however a few commented that their waiters had not brought them the right dish… Oh la la! Some Year 6's complained that some of the customers had kept changing their mind and frankly were lucky to get any dish served at all!! We ended the experience with a little French pastry. A big merci to all the pupils for their hard work, to all the parents for their support, to Mrs Domone and Mr Mathias and to Mrs Westbrook and her team for the fantastic croissants and pains au chocolat!




Published on 22/05/2018