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British Values Week

This week we held our special celebratory British Values Week.

This involves a week of dedicated daily lessons, within tutor groups, examining each of the five fundamental British Values in turn:
  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect
  • tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs (and for those without faith).
The children participated in many thought-provoking activities during our special week when they considered the five Fundamental British Values and what they mean. For example, in Year 1 the children discussed that we are all different but all special and should respect each other’s right to individuality. They then made beautiful paper chain dolls writing what was unique about themselves.  Year 2 researched facts about the Prime Minister and considered what she does in her role. In Year 3 they discovered how MPs are elected and identified who their MP is. This led onto interesting discussions about the voting system and who can vote. The Year 4 children learnt about the Magna Carter and that many of our laws can be traced back to it. They also thought about what ‘liberty’ means to them and were particularly fascinated with Malala’s story and how she became a Nobel Prize Winner.
In addition to all the daily lessons, a special whole-school assembly was held on Wednesday to reinforce the fundamental British Values and also to reflect on the Royal Wedding with links such as the Queen being Head of State and the Commonwealth.
Our British Values Week was, once again, a huge success and has helped to enhance our children’s understanding and appreciation of this wonderful free country in which we live.
Published on 24/05/2018