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My Favourite Coastal Resort

Year 4 used their English skills of persuasive writing to encourage others to visit coastal resorts and included attractive drawings and photographs to illustrate their work.

This term in Geography, Year 4 has continued to study coastal features. This has included identifying both erosional features, such as caves, arches and stacks and looking at photographs of good local examples, like Durdle Door. In addition, the students have discussed how depositional features are formed and drawn diagrams of spits, tombolos and lagoons to help identify them. They have used photographic evidence and images from the internet to help them complete this task.

The most recent homework they completed about their favourite resort, resulted in a wide array of resorts from both the U.K. and from many countries far and wide. It was very pleasing and encouraging observing the effort the children had spent presenting their work and communicating their enthusiasm for their favourite resort. One pupil constructed a detailed model of their beach resort. The topic will culminate with a discussion about the impact that humans have had upon the coastal environment.






Published on 18/05/2018