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Lego Men Defy Gravity

Year 5 designed, made and tested parachutes to bring a Lego man safely to the ground.

Year 5 put their recent learning to the test last week and created handmade parachutes to ensure our Lego friends could enjoy the luxury of an adrenaline rush and still make it home for dinner with their Lego families! In science, the children have been learning about the discovery of gravity, how ‘weight’ is in fact the measurement of it and that we regularly measure our ‘mass’ which is mistakenly called our weight! In addition, the children have been looking at other forces that have an impact on our daily lives and finding out about how they can act in opposition to each other. They used their knowledge of gravity, air resistance and materials to help them design the most effective parachute for their Lego man.

Not only did we all have an exciting time testing the very impressive parachutes against each other, but everyone was also engaged in rich dialogue, discussing the range of variables, the necessary parameters to make the test fair and how the factors that we had not controlled may have impacted on the end results. The children now have a deeper understanding of air resistance and how it can be utilised, as well as developing their knowledge of how people harness, reduce or increase forces for enjoyment, sporting benefits and safety reasons.





Published on 21/05/2018