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Bellevue Southern Music Festival

On Monday 19th March the Chamber Choir and Year 6 Drama group performed at the Bellevue Southern Schools Music Festival at the Hammond Theatre in Hampton. Eight schools attended in all. The Festival started with 189 children on stage singing "Be the change" before each school performed for 15 minutes. We had chosen to perform a commemorative piece to mark one hundred years since the end of the first world war. Our piece started with "Whilst the Tanks roll by" by Lin Marsh. After this our drama group performed a short piece about the first world war from the perspective of an 11 year old boy - Bertie whilst the choir acted as an ensemble behind. The performance finished with "Give us hope" by Jim Papoulis, reminding the audience that children are the future. 
The concert featured a wide range of performers, from choirs, to recorders, orchestras and even a Glee club. The event was very well attended and the children very much enjoyed taking part in it.
Below are videos of the Sherborne highlights on the left and the full concert on the right.




Published on 19/03/2018