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Road Safety, Stop Motion and Christmas Fun!

Road Safety Week has made Year 6 think how they write for different audiences. In ICT they created stop motion animations. They also sung live on our website!

In the last few weeks Year 6 have been looking at Road Safety. They have been considering what changes they would need to make to their writing styles, in order to appeal to a Year 1 audience. They have then been planning and adapting their writing to reach out to the younger children. They are currently in the process of creating an information booklet to inform and encourage the children to behave safely around roads. In due course, they will visiting Year 1 to speak to them about their work and help them to understand how to stay safe.

In ICT they have also been learning about the process of stop motion animation. Taking a series of static images and bringing them to life with frame by frame animation. Next term they hope to add graphic and sound effects.


In addition to this, they have been wowing the online world with their carol singing around the Christmas tree. Last Monday afternoon they all gathered in the school reception with their handmade tree decorations to dress the tree and to sing carols. Their wonderful singing was filmed and uploaded to the school Facebook page via Facebook live.



Published on 15/12/2017