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Christmas is for Sharing!

As I said to a parent after the Year 2 assembly, there is no better place to be at Christmas than in a school!  Sherborne House always has a kind and happy feeling, but at this time of year, a special magic fills the air, and the excitement of the children is plain for all to see!  However, their excitement is not just the anticipation of what Santa might be bringing.  The children have a genuine understanding that Christmas is also a time to think of others, and particularly of those who do not have the support of loving families or the shelter of a warm and comfy home.  The competition to design a Christmas card for our local MP, was won by a Sherborne House pupil this year, and bore the simple words ‘Christmas is for Sharing’.  It has been wonderful to see this message reflected by all the children throughout the school, who have shared not just things, but more importantly, a kindness and generosity of spirit that makes everyone feel included and special.  In their work for assembly performances to parents, in Christmas House activities, on our trip to the pantomime, during Christmas Lunch and in all the many other special events at this time of year, the children have shared and celebrated each other’s company and successes, and made all within the Sherborne House community feel included and special. 

The staff and I are extremely proud of all the children, and I therefore felt that I could not do better than to give them the last word this term.  I hope that you will enjoy reading their account of our Carol Service and their wonderful Year 6 Assembly as much as they enjoyed participating in them!  I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you, on behalf of all the staff, a very peaceful and joyous Christmas and New Year. 

On Tuesday 5th December, KS2 participated in our Christmas Carol Service. All the children sang songs including individual year groups and the chamber/rock choirs. Some songs were the whole school and some were congregational, which meant that the whole school sang with the parents as well. There were certain children who recited readings following the Christmas Story, as well as the school prayer read by the Senior Prefects. We all really enjoyed it and hope that parents did too! All of the children at Sherborne House have taken part in a Christingle service this week.  The Senior Prefects read out the meaning of the symbols as well as saying the school prayer. The teachers turn the lights off and light up the candles which contribute to this magical experience!
We have also been donating money towards a charity called Youth Options. This money is going towards the cost of sending local children less fortunate than us to the theatre. If every child in Sherborne House donates £2.36, by doing small jobs around the house, then we will be able to send 70 children to the theatre.
At Sherborne House School we are proud to say that everyone here is very caring for each other and we have shown this caring side through the charity work that we do and the money we raise for different causes. Everyone here is happy to be part of our school and we all are encouraged to be caring and kind to one another.

Our Year 6 Assembly

Our Year 6 Assembly is about the Victorians which we have been learning about during this term. There are several scenes about the different types of Victorians e.g. children, rich and poor, and royalties. The scenes include: the introduction, the Victorian school scene, Charles Dickens scene, the inventions scene, a comparison from 1750-1825-1900, a child labour scene, the great exhibition, the doctor Barnardo scene and the final Christmas scene. This has given us an opportunity to share our learning with the rest of the school and our parents. We have been working hard to learn our lines, and have enjoyed putting our assembly together and sharing what life was like for the Victorians. We also include two songs which are called 'Consider Yourself' from the film 'Oliver' and a song called 'Together at Christmas Time' which we sang at the Carol Service.

Christmas at Sherborne House

We have been taking part in lots of fantastic activities to celebrate Christmas and Wednesday saw lots of different Christmas activities taking place and we had a busy craft morning making Christmas hats in our school house groups. We had the task of making a hat ready to wear for our annual Christmas lunch, as well as for a house hat parade, with the winners within the groups received some chocolate as a prize for their excellent effort. We were then treated to a delicious roast Christmas dinner, whilst wearing our hats, and our dinner ended with a raffle where Mr Bennet and Mrs Hopson-Hill drew out a lucky ticket, and the winner received a delicious chocolate prize! All of this fantastic Christmas fun was completed whilst wearing our very own Christmas jumpers - featuring; Rudolph, polar bears, snowflakes and even Father Christmas. 

Avantika, Kabir, Rhyseren and Freddie, Senior Prefects

Published on 15/12/2017