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Sports Reports for week ending 1st December

Venue: Ludlow Junior School

Date: 30.11.17

Team: SHS A, B and C




Ludlow Junior School A, B and C

Report: In this tournament of 6 teams, each match was 2 minutes long and every one played each other. Ludlow clearly knew how to play to the conditions of a smaller pitch and fences to bounce the ball off, as they went 2 nil up very quickly. As the games went on, Sherborne adapted to the environment and the matches became very competitive. Braving the cold, the boys kept themselves warm by never giving up in every challenge and giving their best in every game. As Ludlow is my old school, it was great to take the Sherborne boys over to them in the second of (hopefully) many more fixtures between the two schools and congratulations to Ludlow for winning 2 out of 2 so far!

Team: Jesse, Aydin, Anghad, Harry, Yusef, Archie, Thomas, Krishnu, Krishiv, Fred, Andrew, Alex, Charlie, Sidartha, Fraser, Isaac, Adam.

Player of the Tournament: Fred


Venue: Twyford Prep


Team: U9A Netball





U9A Twyford

Report:  This was a very close match with Twyford taking an early 1-3 lead.  We were not to be disheartened and rose to the challenge, to bring it back to 4-4 in the third quarter.  The final quarter we demonstrated our competitive nature to win the match by one goal.  Well done girls!  DS

Team: Roxy, Holly S (C), Honor, Shreya, Jessica C, Emma, Elle, Anaiya and Sophie B.

Player of the Match: Elle for her wonderful movement on court and accurate shooting.  Roxy for her improved defensive marking.


Venue: Twyford Prep

Date:  30.11.2017

Team: U9B Netball




U9B Twyford

Report:  We started well with play extending to both goal circles.  Twyford scored the only goals of the first and second quarters.  In the third quarter they extended their lead; however we fought back to draw the final quarter.  DS

Team: Avani, Lola, Isabella, Jessica P, Ayati, Holly H, Ellie, Sophie B, Katherine and Sophie M (C).

Player of the Match:  Isabella for her interceptions in defence and Sophie B for her dodging in attack.


Venue: Twyford Prep

Date: 30.11.2017

Team: U9C Netball




U9C Twyford

Report: The girls had a good, strong game with the ball moving from one circle to the other in an exciting match.  Priya and Amelia fought well in the centre to win the ball back and we worked hard for our result.  DS

Team: Hannah, Maya, Amelia, Helena, Gabriella, Priya, Rosie, Mishka (C), Annika and Maahum.

Player of the Match: Priya for dodging and marking tightly and Rosie for her versatile play.





Published on 01/12/2017